FIG styled bed 14x7 (426x213 cm)

Fits for most of sport trampolines or trampoline arena frames. For 118 (110+8) springs.
Mesh durability is measured over years of uptime. The threads are impregnated with a Kevlarex protective compound, which allows the use of a trampoline mat in aggressive environments or under increased commercial load.

Producing time - 4 days.

Fits for:
Eurotramp's: Ultimate, Grand Master, Grand Master Exclusive,
Nissen's GMEX Extreme, GM Extreme
Gymnova's 5276, 5277
Continental's 101 series, 99 series, Dryland diving model
GAOFEI's frames

  • Size: 14x7 ft (426x213 cm)
  • Cell: 7x7 mm
  • Thread Processing: Kevlarex
  • Any colour
  • Repair Ability: Yes